"The question must be asked, 'Why another book?' When you read this monumental effort by Adam Mead, the answer will be obvious...read cover to cover, both the uninitiated to Berkshire and its most ardent followers will derive enormous utility and satisfaction from it...I learned so many new and important things about Berkshire and its history. It is my pleasure to encourage you to enjoy this gem."

-Chris Bloomstran

"The most comprehensive and detailed history of Berkshire Hathaway to date. A must-read that belongs on the bookshelf of any serious investor."

-Guy Spier

“For students of history, especially the history of Berkshire Hathaway’s early days, Adam Mead’s book is a must read. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to visit Berkshire’s past through this wonderful book. I recommend it highly.”

-Thomas A. Russo, Gardner Russo & Gardner LLC

“Few activities can be more rewarding for any value investor than studying the history and evolution of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. Adam has done us all a huge favor with his yeoman efforts in producing this treatise. Since it is chronologically ordered, it is an invaluable reference guide for all things Berkshire.”

-Mohnish Pabrai

“With this project, Adam has a done a wonderful job extending the Berkshire Classroom by providing a comprehensive analysis of the rich corporate history and unique entrepreneurial leadership.”

-Mac Sykes, Gabelli Funds

"I and my teammates at the Gabelli Organization have been tracking Warren's success for some 50 years. Adam's book captures the work and highlights the history of Berkshire and the hard and diligent work of Buffett and Munger."

-Mario Gabelli, Chairman and CEO, Gabelli Funds

"I thought nothing else of value could be written about Warren Buffett. I was wrong. Adam's detailed chronology of Berkshire's evolution reveals the successes and failures of Warren in a unique and digestible way. A worthwhile read for every Buffett scholar, amateur and professional alike."

-Drew Estes, Banyan Capital

Welcome To The Oracle's Classroom

When asked what he’d like to be his legacy Warren Buffett answered that he’d like to be remembered as a teacher. Throughout his decades-long career, as he was amassing one of the worlds largest personal fortunes, Buffett has used his “soapbox” of wealth – his annual letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, and countless video interviews – to teach. That he often distills complex topics to simple analogies is evidence of his gift of teaching. This website is the product of my own journey to learn from one of the best investors the world has ever seen. As a way to give back to the next generation (or someone just learning about Berkshire), I hope to provide a place to collect the many timeless lessons he, and Berkshire, have offered. The Berkshire Hathaway Timeline highlights some of Berkshire’s long and varied history. The Berkshire Hathaway Archives contains financial information mostly related to Berkshire and its subsidiaries. Other material is available in the Resources page Finally, the Books page contains books I’ve found particularly useful or interesting on the subjects of Berkshire, investing in general, and/or the pursuit of wisdom. Like the journey of a student, the work here will never be done.

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