Buffett, Berkshire, and Teaching: Why This Blog Exists (Pinned)

Buffett, Berkshire, and Teaching: Why This Blog Exists (Pinned)

I thought it only proper to kick off this blog with the “why” for its existence.

I’m a lifelong student of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, and just about anything connected to them. Even after eight Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meetings and plenty of conversation outside of Omaha, I find myself at a point where my eagerness to talk about them has not waned. At the same time my knowledge has grown to such a point that it may be useful to others.

This blog is – to borrow a phrase from Charlie Munger – a “didactic exercise”. I hope to teach others what I know, and through teaching continue my own education. It’s following in Buffett’s footsteps as a teacher first, then businessman.

This site is not perfect – in fact, far from it. As someone prone to perfectionism it’s difficult to hit “go” while things are still under construction. Paraphrasing/quoting probably a few scholars: it’s better to get started than wait for perfection and not start at all. Your feedback is very much welcome (as are any materials you think would be a good addition to the archives).

We begin.