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Blog Posts Moving To Substack

Uncategorized.  By Adam. October 27, 2021. No Comments

One thing I’ve struggled with since writing my book on Berkshire Hathaway, starting a YouTube Channel, and founding Watchlist Investing is how to tie it all together. I think Substack is the answer. My plan is to send out an email 2-3x/week. The goal...

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Market Misfires: ZOOM

Uncategorized.  By Adam. March 31, 2020. No Comments

Investors recently bid up Zoom Technologies (ticker: ZOOM) thinking it was Zoom Video Communications (ticker: ZM). ZOOM is a tiny Chinese company that makes mobile devices and handsets. ZM is the popular video conferencing company based in the United States....

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Applying Value Investing Principles to Everyday Business

Applied Wisdom, Uncategorized.  By Adam. November 18, 2019. No Comments

Warren Buffett’s quote about price and value is often used in the context of investing. The wisdom contained in it is applicable in the everyday world of business. In the financial world the phrase means an investor should pay attention...

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Buffett, Berkshire, and Teaching: Why This Blog Exists (Pinned)

Uncategorized.  By Adam. November 1, 2019. No Comments

I thought it only proper to kick off this blog with the “why” for its existence. I’m a lifelong student of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, and just about anything connected to them. Even after eight Berkshire Hathaway...

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