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Newspapers are today’s textiles: Why Berkshire was right to sell its newspaper business.

Cash Flow, Long-term, Warren Buffett.  By Adam. February 20, 2020. 1 Comment

Berkshire recently entered into an agreement to sell its newspaper business to Lee enterprises for $140 million. It was the right move, and not just for financial reasons. Taking one big public hit now is far better for Berkshire's reputation over...

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When Newspapers and Oil Wells are Economic Equals: A Lesson on Valuing Cash Flow

Cash Flow.  By Adam. November 4, 2019. No Comments

One of the most enjoyable things about studying Charlie Munger is seeing his multidisciplinary thought process in action.  As is often the case with Munger, and his partner, Warren Buffett, insights are at the same time disconnected at the surface...

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